Table of Contents

  1. First Reading (Matins)
  2. Second Reading (Matins, cont.)
  3. Third reading (Daybreak: Lavabo and Second Morning Offices)
  4. Reading Four (Prime)
  5. Reading Five (Prime and the Chapter Room)
  6. Reading Six (Discipline in the Chapter Room)
  7. Reading Seven (From the Chapter Room to the Cloister, and Terce)
  8. Reading Eight (Terce and Preparation for Mass)
  9. Reading Nine (Mass)
  10. Reading Ten (Mass, cont.)
  11. Reading Eleven (Sext, Refectory)
  12. Reading Twelve (Refectory)
  13. Reading 13a (Refectory-Dormitory)
  14. Reading 14a (None)
  15. Reading 15 (Vespers, Processions)
  16. Reading 16 (Collation and Compline)
  17. Reading 17 (Dormitory)
  18. Reading 18: On Making Rounds
  19. Reading 19: On the Abbot
  20. Reading 20a: On the Prior
  21. Reading 21a: On the Sub-prior
  22. Reading 22a: On the Steward (Provost)
  23. Reading 23a: On the Vestarer
  24. Reading 24: On the Infirmarer
  25. Reading 25: On the Hospitaller
  26. Reading 26: On the Kitchener (and food)
  27. Reading 27: On the Cantor
  28. Reading 28: On the Cellarer
  29. Reading 29: On the Refectorer
  30. Reading 30: On the Almoner
  31. Reading 31: On the Sacristan
  32. Reading 32: On the Grainarer (Granary Keeper)
  33. Reading 33: On the Census-Taker (Argentarius)
  34. On the Procurators
  35. Reading 34: On how it is necessary to be present at the canonical hours
  36. Reading 35: Concerning the Weekly Priest (Hebdomadarius)
  37. Reading 36: On Maundy (Mandatum)
  38. Reading 37: On Welcoming Novices and Making Profession
  39. Reading 38: On the tonsure
  40. Reading 39: On the Porter
  41. Reading 40: On the Pittancer
  42. Reading 41: On Bloodlettings
  43. Reading 42 and last things (Restrictions on the Conversi)
  44. On Permission to Go Outside and Other Things
  45. Reading 43: On Places of Silence and Benediction
  46. Article 3: No Eating in the Dormitory Room
  47. Article 4: Which Women May Permissibly Enter the Cloister
  48. Article 4 (bis): No Lying Down or Eating Outside our Houses
  49. Article 5: Permission for Talking with an Outsider and for Going out of the Choir
  50. Article 6: All Shall Read at the Table
  51. Article 7: The Seal of the Chapter
  52. Article 8: "Not Mine, but Ours"
  53. Lectio 44: On those who are living in dependent parishes
  54. Article 2: Priors and their Socii (associates) in dependant parishes
  55. Article 3: On recalling those who are living in dependant parishes
  56. Article 4: On Prohibited Games
  57. Article 5: That Books for our use should be in dependent parishes
  58. Customary oath on receiving an abbot

Glossary / Notes

Article 5: That Books for our Use should be in dependent parishes

They shall have sufficient books for performing their service according to the custom of the abbey; books pertaining to the parish and the rules of the prelates shall be at their disposal when asked for.

They should not go out into town without hoods or capes. They shall not enter for services that are to be performed in the church without a clean rochet or hood. Brothers who come from outside, when they enter the cloister, should not presume to pass through the main yard or to sit there unless they are in they are in monastic hoods or capes. Then they must follow the convent in everything, and, if they had time to prepare themselves before the beginning of the hour, they should not be absent from convent hours, unless they had remained behind by special permission. When they need to go out of the cloister, they should receive permission. These things (i.e. permissions) are to be diligently written down, and they shall be read in chapter after the rule and diligently guarded, being sealed with the seal of the church and the abbot and they are to be kept safe with the privileges of the church.

End of the Constitutions


Libros sufficientes secundum usum abbatiae ad faciendum suum seruitium habeant, circa oboedientias suas et praecepta praelatorum solliciti existant.

Sine cappa uel suppellicio per uillam non eant. Sine mundo rocheto uel cappa ad diuina officia in ecclesiam peragenda non intrent. Fratres qui deforis ueniunt, quando claustrum ingrediuntur per medium transire uel in eo sedere, nisi in cappis claustralibus uel supelliciis non praesumant. Tunc conuentum in omnibus debent sequi, nec ab horis conuentus absentare se debent, si ante initium horae tempus habuerint se praeparandi, nisi speciali licentia remanserint. Quando necesse habuerint extra claustrum exire, licentiam accipiant. Ista diligenter scribantur et post regulam in capitulo legantur et diligenter custodiantur, sigillata sigillo ecclesiae et abbatis et reseruentur cum priuilegiis ecclesiae.

Finis constitutionum.


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