Sample Type

  1. architectural fragment
  2. glass
  3. metal object
  4. pottery
  5. stained glass

Description of Typical Finds

Glass Vessels

Glass vessels are relatively rare in the archaeological record of medieval and early modern sites because of their fragility and their status as elite objects. Intact vessels are sometimes found with burials; damaged or broken glass vessels are typically found in destruction deposits or trash pits.

At Saint-Jean-des-Vignes, the most significant glass vessel fragments—bases and rims of drinking glasses—were recovered from fill layers in the canon’s room. Their forms compare well with known sixteenth-century glasses from northern France. The fragments at Saint-Jean were evidently deposited during the cleanup and refurbishing of the site following the Huguenot sack of the abbey in 1567.

Sample Results

Number of sample finds: 2

  1. glass rosary bead
  2. Fragment of a glass vessel