Sample Type

  1. architectural fragment
  2. glass
  3. metal object
  4. pottery
  5. stained glass

Description of Typical Finds

Stained Glass

During the 1998 study season, approximately 1,500 fragments of glass (137,000 cm2) unearthed during 1951/52, 1978 and by the MonArch project in 1982-98, were studied. The glasses were categorized according to color, painting style, grozing technique, thickness, and weathering; a selection was measured and drawn. These broad categories, based on visual examination, allowed a tentative glazing chronology to be established. The extant fragments suggest at least three glazing campaigns, possibly four, dating from the 13th through the 17th centuries at Saint-Jean-des-Vignes.

Sample Results

Number of sample finds: 4

  1. excavated window glass with painted decoration
  2. excavated grisaille glass with painted decoration
  3. excavated grisaille glass with foliate design
  4. excavated stained glass with bearded head