Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

About the Induction of Boys

The boy who comes before the seat at which the abbot sits must beg with bended knees and arms, because of God, for bread and clothing and the eternal society in the ways of religion with the brothers. Then the abbot must ask him about his devotion and what reason impelled him to such a request. And he must lay before him the religious condition and the difficulty of the vows and to seek out from him whether he wishes to do all this and to profit from it. And he must lay before him the pain of rising for matins and processing to the church, and above all he lays before him the position and form of obedience which stands firm in a multitude. And then he should respond that he can accept everything and wishes to because of God. Then the Abbot must ask solemn questions and make him swear to respond truthfully to them.

  1. Are you born of a legitimate marriage.
  2. Are you not under the bonds of matrimony with any woman.
  3. Are you not professed in any other religion.
  4. Are you not bound by any other contraints or oaths.
  5. Are you not excommunicated.
  6. Have you not carried an oath [hieroph…]
  7. Are you not struck by any incurable decease.
  8. Is there any irregularity that should be known.
  9. Have you never been accused and not purged of a crime.
  10. Do you not have parents afflicted with leprosy.
  11. Finally: Are you not affiliated with another religious affiliation of this church.

After all of these have been asked of the one who is to be admitted, if he will have responded in such a manner that no impediment appears, the abbot says: These conditions having been fulfilled I receive you to the year and time of probation. And if your conversation and life pleases us we will receive you to the vows, and if not, then not. And you will conformingly make a trial of our religion and conversation, and if it is displeasing to you, the clothes in which you have come will be given back to you, and you will be able to freely leave and go back to the world. In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, Amen.