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Dormitory or Dorter (upper floor)

Period: gothic

The dormitory proper, located on the second floor, no longer exists and is known only from early modern views. It extended the full fifty-five meter length of the building from the terminal wall of the south transept to its own terminal wall next to the latrines. On the basis of parallels with other dormitories, we believe Saint-Jean’s was wooden-roofed and only two bays wide throughout its entire length, with the result that the chapter room would have projected beyond the dorter wall on the east.

While the customary makes clear that the abbot rested with the canons in the communal dormitory in the medieval period after the mid-day meal, he is likely to have always had a separate residence and office.

In the seventeenth century, the dormitory was extended to the east by dormers (visible in the Barbaran engraving) and to the west over the cloister gallery. This increased the space available for individual cells for the canons.