Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

Lest the religious waste their goods in the parish houses

There are other precepts on corporeal matters and of these corporeal ones some are ordained for honest living and some for an honest character or conformity, as it can be done and they should do, and they are ordained just as much for a life in which the honesty of the religious and all virtues are preserved.

It is forbidden for any of our religious to waste their goods in the parish houses unless the Lord Bishop, Archdeacon, or the lord of the town were to be present. And because of this precept we do not have the priors and the curates and their companions in this church living in the parishes. The cause of this precept — besides the other causes — areusefulness and honesty, for sobriety perishes in such parties and gatherings with the lay, and sometimes even chastity, while talkativeness and mockery of words as well as greater familiarity which undoes restraint abounds — because of such reasons gatherings are frowned upon and it is ordained that the offender is to leave as if exiled by the wealthy Herod.

It is forbidden for nuns or lay women to waste or squander goods in our houses. By these is meant both those from whom scandal can arise and the great ladies who come here adn cannot be refused. From this precept one concludes that none of our religious should go to a tavern to eat or drink unless he is sent off on a journey. And this precept about the life and honesty of clerics is confirmed by many laws.