Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

Lest associates leave the parishes where they are staying wihtout the permission of the priors or the curates

And as all reasons for going out are unacceptable, it is forbidden for the associates of the priors and the curates to leave the locations to which they have been assigned residence, to go beyond the parish, and for for more than one day, without the consent of the priors or the curates with which they reside unless some necessity arises and neither the prior nor the curates can be found — in that case the priors and the curates can agree that their associates may go outside the location assigned to them for a just cause for three days time and not more, unless there is some need.... When the Abbot is absent the claustral prior can give permission for a leave of three days time and not more, unless the Abbot has gone to distant lands.

Through this precept is is generally made known to all the religious of this church that sometimes the priors and sometimes the curates can go to their studies without permission and that this precept is in agreement with the law in the decree that forbids monks to immerce themselves in secular business. That decree speaks in a general way and without distinction; in the same mannter this one is generally known, following the teachers.