Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

On the Honouring of Friends and Benefactors

After this the abbot says that, following the praiseworthy custom which must by law be continued, it is customary in this church that the benefactors and friends of this church be recommended to God. First the living are mentioned, then the dead; among the living the Magnates, if there are any, are named first and then other friends and benefactors, both councilors and procurators, and following them the greatest councilors are mentioned who require only spiritual pension. Afterward the spirits of the dead are honoured, foremost among them our father and mother; secondly the dead of St. Elidius with whom we have a special connection; and thirdly the brothers, sisters, and benefactors of the church and of its members and one must include in those mentioned above those to whom some masses must be said by some religious presbyter — that is, two for those living and three for those dead: for the living one De Sancto Spiritu and the other De Beata Virgine, and for the dead three requiems, and those religious who are not priests are obliged to whatever psalters those be, and these must be imposed upon them by obedience so that it is done under a year, etc. And if any of our brothers happen to die during the year they must be named.

From this it is known that on whatever year it is customary to do this obituary solemnly for our Father and Mother in the Church and the ordained day is read in the martyrological chapter, below the octave of St. Augustine.

And it is useful to know that those from the above-mentioned St. Eligius, in some year, properly made a rule before us that this be ordained for them, just as once it was a more special society than we have.