Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

About spiritual service

Lastly there is another precept about spiritual service, as it is called at the end of the world. All things tend to this end in the divine service of religion, and to this purpose we have been placed in a monastery. Therefore everyone should say the service and the canonic hours sacredly, devotedly, in order and completely — whatever it is customary to say in church — because the Doctors hold that all the religious of the same church should say all the hours for the living as for the dead. Thus wherever they may be in the church, they would say the seven psalms and the litany, so that they would all conform in speaking the hours. This follows the rule ( ) that speech is not sung [scribal error?] because of which it is said in the precept that the young men should learn in addition the ordained service in the church, to the end that they know how to say it when they are adults and are retained in the church. Once upon a time it was the custom in the church that in the histories, which have octaves, a candle was not necessary except on the first night. And because of this the young men and the novices had to render service to the superior who is the master of the boys.

This finished, and the precepts thus explained, the priors and the curates should say their own reasons for taking up this vocation.