Procedures for Novices and Concluding Material

Prayer over the boy

We ask you sacred benediction for him, o ruling Lord, as he first will put on the clothing of this religious house, and the intercession of the blessed and always virgin Mary, Saint John the Baptist and John the Evangelist, Saint Augustine our father and of all your saints. Let your grace descend upon him, that it may protect him from all bodily or mental harm. You who live, etc.

Then the clothing and the young man are besprinkled. Upon leaving this is said by the Prior

May the Lord cast aside the many you used to be with your old actions and may you renew your spirit and your mind. Amen.

The boy says as he is leaving

May the Lord tear from my heart the pageantry of the world, which I have renounced as I took up the sacred baptism of Christ. Amen.

[]Lord, snatch me away from human evil.

[]Snatch me away from iniquitous man.

[]My God, snatch me from my enemies.

[]And free me from the evils rising in me.

[]Snatch me from the works of evil.

[]And save me from men of bloodshed.

[]Glory to the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.

[]As it was in the beginning so is it and so shall it be forever and in the age of ages. Amen.

Pater noster. Ave Maria.

Meanwhile he lets himself out. With the vestiments given, the Prior says.

Take the pure vestiment, the symbol of the lord's garment. Introduce a new man who was created in God's image justly, sacredly, and truthfully in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.